The latest movies I have seen..

20030521c The Matrix Reloaded
20030403v Minority Report
20030312c Johnny English
20030303c DareDevil

20021229c Frida 20021218c Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers 20021214c Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring 20021115c Wilbur commits suicide 20020601c Spiderman 20020330c Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring 20020206v Monsters Inc.
20010924c Final Fantasy 20010827c Planet of the Apes 20010811c Final Fantasy 20010804v Meet Joe Black 20010724c Tomb Raider 20010615r O Brother where art thou? 20010518c The Mummy Returns 20010331r Any Given Sunday 20010330r Man on the Moon 20010330r It's the Rage 20010323r High Fidelity 20010317r The talented Mr. Ripley 20010317r Three Kings 20010316r The Gladiator 20010302c Remember the Titans 20010221c Bring it on 20010204c Vertical Limit 20010131c Snatch ...(probably saw something during Christmas, don't remember)... 20001204v The 13th Floor(-2) 20001121c The Cell 20001121c Blinkende Lygter(+5) 20001109c Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 20001104v Mission to Mars(-5) 20001022v Double Jeopardy 20000908c X-Men 20000906c The Patriot 20000803v NightWatch(-2) [a.k.a. Nattevagten(+5)] 20000803c Galaxy Quest(+5) 20000730v 6th Sense 20000724v Fight Club 20000719c Mission Impossible 2 20000621c Gladiator 20000520v Fight Club 20000423r Den Eneste Ene 20000422r Nil by Mouth 20000422r I Kina Spiser de Hunde(+5) 20000201c The Messenger: Jeanne D'Arc 19991224v The Matrix 19991216c 007: The World is not Enough 19991113r eXistenZ 19991113r Gray's Anatomy 19991107c Bringing out the dead 19990731t Chaplin 19990626c The Mummy 19990507r The Gingerbread Man 19990506r Blade 19990530t Four Weddings and a Funeral 19990529t Heart and Souls 19990517c The Matrix 19990507t ??? 19990507c The Matrix 19990502r Skyggen (-4) 19990501t Never talk to strangers 19990501r Playing God 19990501r Armageddon 19990417r The Trueman Show 19990417r Snake Eyes 19990411t Too Much 19990402v Independence Day 19990328r The Avengers (-5) 19990327r Sliding Doors 19990306r Lethal Weapons 4 19990306r In & Out (-3) 19990306t Mask 19990130r U.S. Marshals 19990130r City of Angels 19990124c You've Got M@il 19990124r The Man in the Iron Mask 19990123r Gattaca 19990117r As Good as it Gets 19990116r Mercury Rising (-4) 19990115c Star Trek - Insurrection 19990115v Star Trek - First Contact 19990107c The Truman Show 19990103v Grounhog Day 19990101r Amistad (-3) 19990101v The Three Musketeers 19990101v The Fifth Element 19981227t Seven 19981225r Festen 19981225r Picture Perfect 19981225r U-Turn (-5) 19981225r Good Will Hunting

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